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Here at Precision Wellness we believe everyone deserves the freedom to reclaim their life.

Through our whole systems approach to health, we look at your unique genetic blueprint, lifestyle and environment.  Stop guessing and start optimizing your body’s ability to naturally heal from the inside out.

I'm So Very Grateful!
I highly recommend Terry. I came to see her when I was having serious digestive, as well as many other issues. She is very knowledgeable, dedicated, and a pleasure to work with. The wellness protocols she designs for you makes healing your body so much easier. Getting healthy is a lifelong learning process and I am willing to learn all that I can. I am currently feeling so much better than I have in a very long time. Thank you so much Terry.

Roxanne C.Simpsonville, South Carolina

My journey has been blessed!
I simply cannot say enough about Terry Pilch and her health coaching abilities! I have never met anyone who was so driven and compassionate about helping and teaching people how to take care of their body and live healthier lives. I love the fact that she designs a wellness protocol just for you with some of the best products and supplements on the market! I am still a work in progress but I have managed to lose weight, my arm Tendinitis is gone, lowered my A1C level, and currently working on some digestive issues that are improving. Together we will get there! I feel better than I've felt in years and I am loving it!!

Sandy G.Greenville, South Carolina

Terry has changed my life!

I have struggled for years to figure out numerous health issues in my body. I always suspected my headaches, eczema, digestive issues, and breathing issues were caused by certain foods; but doctors just kept giving me medicine to mask the symptoms. Even if they went away for a time, they always came back. This summer everything changed when I started working with Terry Pilch. She has helped me de-code my food allergies, solve the mystery of my digestive issues, and find the right supplements to help heal my eczema. Because she coaches me online and can look at my Fitbit data, it doesn't matter that she lives in South Carolina and I live in Idaho. She has supported me on every step along this lifestyle change and I know I will continue to succeed because she is teaching me well and is also journeying with me.

TobieTwin Falls, Idaho

Are you looking for a pain free, surgery free, drug free approach to your health?

We desire to see our clients achieve their goals. We have dedicated our lives to helping others look and feel their best. It is our purpose, our passion, and our gift.  We produce amazing health results.  Seeing a client’s transformation is, quite possibly, one of their greatest rewards.


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Precision Wellness is a science based lifestyle change program that works to clearly identify and overcome the cause of ill health and then improve total body function naturally by nourishing, balancing and revitalizing the whole individual.  It is powerful, effective and rewards you with improved health and function that is long lasting and it will allow you to THRIVE!

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You have a genetic blueprint inside every cell within your body that holds the answer to optimal health. I’m devoted to you, your health success, and your life’s purpose.  My PRECISION WELLNESS PROGRAM unlocks your potential for greater health and well being.


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Precision Wellness is a virtual clinic with clients all across the country and locally.  You are only one decision away from getting your health back on track.


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“Your Gut is in charge of your Brain.   The relationship between the gut and the brain is bi-directional, so a healthy gut is what makes it possible for us to have clearer thinking.” Dr. Tom O’Bryan